Programs & Forms

Spectrum Neurology Group offers programs to meet your individual needs. Please contact an SNG representative at 877-414-4480 or fill out our contact form. We’d like to talk to you.

If an access code has been provided to you by your SNG representative, please click here to download forms and learn more about this program.


If you cannot find the answer to your question listed below, please call us at 877-414-4480.

Q. How do I get started?
A. Call an SNG representative at 877-414-4480 or fill out the contact form. Once you decide on the program that’s right for you, SNG will send you an agreement and accompanying forms. As soon as you complete those forms, you can start scheduling your test dates.

Q. Why should I choose SNG over other diagnostic testing companies?
A.   Spectrum Neurology Group is headed by Dr. Brad Goldstein, a pioneer and innovator in the diagnostic testing industry.  Under his leadership, the company offers a no-cost program for practitioners nationwide .  The members on the SNG team have over 25 years of experience and provide unparalleled service, dedicated customer care, highly-trained technicians and respected Board Certified reading physicians.    

Q. What is involved in setting up an on-site diagnostic program using SNG services?
A. SNG offers two programs to accommodate your needs.  The Professional/Technical Billing program allows you to lease our equipment and technicians for the day.  You bill for the serves rendered by the leased technician.  The Personal Services Program offers the physician an hourly rate to oversee our technician while they are administering the test.

Q. After I sign my agreement, how quickly can I begin testing?
A. Immediately.

Q. How quickly do I receive the results?
A. Our board-certified staff acts quickly on your behalf. Usually you will receive results in as little as three days after testing.

Q. What is the best way to schedule my patients for testing? 
A. Every practice is a little bit different, but SNG provides you with the flexibility to accommodate the needs of your patients.  Based on the number of patients who require testing, it is best to schedule a specific day to perform the tests.  Some practices have a designated testing day every other week, while others require only one day a month.  If you plan your testing for a specific day on an ongoing basis, an SNG technician will be reserved to visit your practice on that day.  Otherwise, in most cases, SNG requires a week’s notice to ensure that a technician is available for you. 

Q. Am I legally qualified to be paid for performing these tests in my office?
A: Yes.  The programs offered by SNG are approved and compliant according to health care regulations.

Q. Will my patient’s treatment benefits be impacted by diagnostic testing?
A. No.  The staff at SNG will verify coverage for each patient and notify your office if there are any unusual circumstances. 

Q. Which insurance companies cover in-house diagnostic testing?
A. We accept most major medical plans, personal injury and Workman’s Compensation.